Consulting Services


Consulting Services

  • Is your product roadmap all that it needs to be to set you up for success?

  • Are you thinking of getting into the automotive market, but not sure if it makes sense for you?

  • Are you interested in the difference between Analytics Products and Product Analytics, and what that means to your company?  

  • Are you looking to develop online-to-offline Attribution capabilities?

  • Do you want your sales team to learn how to use analytics and challenger techniques to get better results?


Wizely’s Consulting Services are hyper focused on results and tangible impacts to your business. Whether it’s a workshop to help you and your team define a winning product roadmap, advice for your leadership team about how best to incorporate analytics into your operation, an inspiring talk about Analytics Products, or helping to make your sales team more effective, our consulting services are sure to make an impact on your bottom line!


“Engaging, insightful and actionable. James is the rarest of professionals; he has an incredible record of success in analytics, data driven marketing and data driven innovation. He is one of the true pioneers in the space and has the added gift of being able to translate that success to an audience in a way that is as compelling as it is empowering and will leave the audience with a clear understanding of how to take what they have learned back to their business and thrive in new and exciting ways.


If you are looking for insight and expertise in the areas of data driven marketing, people based marketing, analytics and corporate transformations that put your data at the center of your value proposition, Wizely is a must-have engagement”


Kevin Bauer

VP of eCommerce, Bluestem Brands


“James is a visionary leader with the rare ability to understand technical details as well as the customer perception side of the business. He is an articulate and dynamic speaker that commands an audience, team, or meeting with his deep knowledge. Additionally, he has strength in driving projects not just through the innovation phases but also through product development and launch.” - Don Turner, Panasonic Automotive

Don Turner

Panasonic Automotive