The most efficient and effective way to increase marketing performance. 

The Most Advanced Marketers Use People-Based Marketing

People Based Marketing targets individual people, rather than pixels.

Pinpoint by Wizely

People-based marketing that seeks to market to individual people, rather than pixels.

Pinpoint: Enabling People-Based Marketing

No matter where they are or what device they are using, people-based-marketing gets your message in front of the right people, rather than hoping you find them in the right crowd.

Start with People You Know

Jane Smith

123 Main Street

(123) 456-7890

Protect their confidential data by converting them to an anonymous identifier.



Create audiences on marketing platforms to target only the identifiers you choose.



3 Stages of Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a 3-stage platform built in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reliably and securely build and maintain your audiences.

Date Intake - 1st party data intake via either push (SFTP) or pull (API implementations to CRM or other data source) to reliably keep your data flowing to power your marketing


Clean and Normalize - Process the data to make it usable for marketing and analysis. Examples include:

  • Name normalization (Smith, Jane vs. Jane Smith)

  • Address normalization

  • Processing multiple emails or phone numbers

  • Removing duplicates

  • Removing employees / internal records


Audience Maintenance

Create and maintain audiences over time. (Ex: People who have purchased within 18 months but not in the last 6 months.




of marketers say they increased their people-based spend last year.

Signal and Econsultancy Report

up to 10x

Performance improvement when using people-based techniques.

Goodway Group


Audience Suppression 

Lower advertising costs removing people who have already purchased.

Highly Targeted Audiences

Create new audiences who are similar to your current customers.

Increase Customer Retention

Target previously regular customers, and get them back.

Increase Sales

Target one-time customers to convert them into regular customers with up-sale and loyalty programs.  

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